Love Is …

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Cor 13:4-8a

Which area in the above paragraph do you struggle with the most? Is there more than one area? I know for myself, there is more than one area. Although I try to be a good wife, I do fall short in many areas. I do try, but I am definitely not perfect!

One thing I do know is that love truly does not fail. Love to me means you are able to truly forgive the shortcomings, and move past them. I know, sometimes that is very hard to do; but holding onto the wrongs does nothing to the other person. However, it does a lot to YOU! It can cause bitterness and anger to grow in your heart. It can cause physical sickness. It can cause walls to build around your heart that no longer allows others to love you the way the Lord created you to be loved.

Trust me, I’ve been through some things in my marriage that were very hard to forgive; and it didn’t happen overnight. But, I knew that the only way I was going to get better, for my heart to heal, was for me to forgive the wrongdoings. I had to forgive completely! And I had to ask forgiveness, as well!

The first five years of our marriage were tough to say the least. There was things that happened that if I had not been willing to forgive, we would have been divorced a long time ago. But, as honest as I can be, I am so glad the Lord helped me to forgive my husband. The last several years of our marriage have been really good! Sure, we have issues, just like every other couple does. But, choosing to forgive and not hold onto those wrongdoings has made a huge difference in our relationship.

All I can say is true “love”, as hard as it may be sometimes, really does not fail. It builds strong marriages. It heals marriages. It restores brokenness. It heals the heart. It knocks down the walls. It can do so very much!

This Valentine’s Day, I would encourage you to spend some time in prayer and ask the Lord to show you areas where you are holding unforgiveness in your heart. Then ask Him to help you to totally forgive and move forward. I know He will, and I know He can! God loves you! He wants nothing but the best for you and your husband. You can trust that!

Each day, repeat the verses at the beginning of this blog post. In place of the word “love” enter the pronoun “I” instead. Example: I am kind. I am patient. I hold no wrongdoings. I do not easily anger…and so on. You can also pray these verses using your spouse’s name, as well. I promise you, it will begin to make a difference.

Take some time this Valentine’s weekend to share with your spouse how much you love them. Make sure to ask forgiveness for your own wrongdoings, as well as offering forgiveness. Pray with and for your spouse, asking God to restore what has been broken and for a new start. Let this Valentine’s Day 2020 be the turning point in your marriage! I would love to hear how God has healed your own marriage!

Until next time, Be Blessed!


Creating Fun Valentine’s Day Texts for Your Spouse!

It’s amazing what kind of things you can do when you are not glued to social media! The benefits of living unplugged outweigh anything social media can offer you! Here is just another way of “celebrating” being unplugged!

Valentine’s Day is this Friday! Leading up to this big day, there should be love in the air! That’s what this blog post is about today: how to create a little romance leading up to Valentine’s Day! Let’s get started.

I’ve been married just over 16 years to my spouse. In the beginning of our marriage, the romance was alive and thriving! After a few years, it began to die down a bit. We both had sort of found our groove and settled into the relationship. We both began to feel “comfortable”. Romance didn’t seem to be as active as it once was.

Then one day, I discovered a website called “A Wife Like Me“. This is a GREAT website!! Amanda Davison is the CEO of A Wife Like Me, and she truly has a passion to see marriages thrive! She also offers LIVE videos/interviews on Facebook each Thursday evening, where she interviews other women who may have struggled with their marriages and how they turned things around. Or these women may be counselors, or authors, or a housewife who really wanted to share some things that worked for them!

Amanda’s website has offered some awesome tips and has become part of my regular reading each day. Her website has many different bloggers, not just Amanda; each of whom offers a little something different each time. I encourage you to check out the website, if you haven’t already. You will find tons of helpful information there.

Now, let’s get to the main idea for today’s blog. TEXT MESSAGING YOUR SPOUSE! What are some fun ways you have used text messaging to show your love to your spouse? I know there are tons of fun ways, ideas for topics, date night ideas, etc., on the web; and all of these can be incorporated into your texts.

I use text messaging to remind my husband that I am proud of him, love him, and reminders for other things. But, I also use text messaging to send him fun texts, or even a few texts that are meant for only him; if you know what I mean! Texting is also a great way to share date night ideas. If you run across a great idea for a date night, text the link or idea to your spouse, as a reminder. If your man is like my man, sometimes he isn’t very creative when it comes to date night ideas; but a simple text message is a great way to get him started on planning a great date night!

If you are short on ideas of what to actually say in a text, here are a few ideas. Just make sure that when the text arrives, it is seen by HIS eyes only!! You surely don’t want his boss to be standing near when a “naughty” text comes thru, right!!??

Texts To Send to Your Spouse:

  • You will forever be my always
  • I want to slow dance with you
  • I want to cuddle with you tonight
  • I want to give you a very nice, long massage
  • I am so grateful for you
  • I love waking up in the morning with you
  • I love taking showers with you
  • I want you
  • Let’s get naked tonight
  • I shaved my legs just for you tonight
  • I’m so proud of you
  • You make me so happy
  • I love being your wife
  • Let’s get alone tonight
  • You are an amazing provider for our family
  • I miss you when you are away
  • I don’t have any panties on
  • I’ll be waiting for you tonight

You get the idea! Make it fun. Make it suggestive. Make it adorable! It’s all about spontaneity. How can you get him thinking about YOU while he is away? How can you get him thinking about what’s waiting for him at home? How can you get him thinking about how lucky he is to have a wife like you? You see what I mean?

So, this week, leading up to Valentine’s Day, try a little romance via text messaging. Maybe this year you will experience one of the best Valentine’s Day dates you have ever had!

Until next time, Be Blessed!


20 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

It’s Valentine’s Week! In today’s blog, I want to offer some fun ways to share a great Valentine’s Day date together for married couples. Whether you have just married, or have been married 50+ years, these tips are for you!

Let’s Have Some Fun:

  • Indoor picnic
  • Cooking Competition
  • DIY Wine & Cheese tasting
  • Homemade Pizza & Movie Night
  • DIY Fondue Night
  • Spa Night & Take Out Dinner
  • Romantic walk in the park
  • Romantic walk along a nearby lake
  • Romantic chick-flick
  • Video Game Battle
  • Outdoor picnic
  • Wine & Cheese at a nearby lake
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Take the dog for a walk together hand in hand
  • Sexy Truth or Dare
  • Mutual Massage
  • Husband picks movie
  • Wife picks movie
  • Ice Cream and Movie Night
  • Melting Pot Dessert Date

These are just a few ideas for Valentine’s Day. There are many more; all you have to do is get creative! It’s all about spending time together — which means, NO KIDS! If you don’t have the money for a babysitter, barter with a friend. Trade babysitting with this friend; you go one night for Valentine’s Day, and your friend goes the next night. Whatever works … just do it!

No matter how many years you have been married, it’s important to keep the romance alive! Life can get way too busy and we soon find ourselves feeling disconnected. It’s not hard to reconnect. Truly, it’s just a matter of wanting to. Open your mind and allow your imagination to run with some fun ideas.

I’d love for you to share your date night ideas in the comment section below. We can always learn from each other.

Until next time, Be Blessed!