Lord, I’m Tired

Lord, I’m tired!
Tired of the turmoil in our world.
Tired of the hatred & violence.
Tired of seeing destruction…
Especially the destruction of lives.

Lord, we need You, now more than ever.
We need intervention
We need peace
We need resolution
We need Your Spirit to reign down upon us

Lord, we’re all tired
Tired of injustice
Tired of finger pointing
Tired of the hatred
Tired of the blame

Lord, May Your Holy Spirit reign down upon us
May Your Spirit destroy the works of the enemy
May Your Spirit drown out the sorrow and pain
May Your Spirit bring back justice for all mankind

Lord, we need You

(c) Christi Wilson (2020)

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I'm a blogging wife, mother, and grandmother, from Southeast Wisconsin. I have two bonus sons and daughters in law, and two daughters and sons in law. I also have eleven of the most amazing Grandbabies! I love to cook, read, blog, Bible studies, and do book reviews. I am in the process of learning what life looks like without social media! Social media has been a huge addiction for me, and I feel the need to write about it & teach others how to unplug! I am also a Christian woman who believes strongly in encouraging others. So I hope you will find this blog an encouragement in your life! If so, please tell others about it.

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